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Kang Hyeong Cheol’s Sunny – 2010 had been the number one in a very slow week at the theatres. It had only taken just 209, 124 admissions to claim the top spot this weekend. There are many families who are taking their vacations and national holidays, but going in the cinema to watch the current movies does not seem to taken their time lists.

Ducan Jones’s action thriller Source Code had gotten the second spot behind Sunny with 186, 751 admissions. There are Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, and Vera Earmiga who star in the story as a soldier who had discovered himself in another man’s body and is on current mission to hunt down the Chicago train bomber.

And even though the movie “thor” is receiving different reviews, they are still currently on the rank as they had already the million admissions mark. “The Apprehenders” had made a huge step from last weekend’s eight spot to this week’s fourth spot. Lim Chan ik’s first major film had gotten a little over 300,000 tickets sold so far but it is likely get down after the holiday madness calms down.

The action packed movie titled, “Fast Five” had proven it’s undeniably capacity of being a record breaker as it continue its successful run of records in the Korean film industry. There is also the Japanese anime film, “Crayon Shon Chan: Super Dimension! The Storm Called My Bride” had gotten the 6th rank with a total of 37,915 admissions and on the other hand, the movie Clash of the Families had steadily stepping down on the ranking of the charts as it becomes the 7th.

And there is also another Japanese anime movie that had reached the eight spot. The children of Korea are really enjoying the film as it reaches the chart this week and “Inazuma Eleven the Movie: Saikyou Gundan Ogre Shuurai” is expected to step forward because of this children. Since this is a slow week, they had only gotten total 13, 716 admissions. “Suicide Forecast” is currently in the 9th spot and “Water for Elephants” is at the 10th number.