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Additional to the never ending list of new Korean movies for the year 2011, The Story of My Life had just recently announced to join this. The Story of My Life is an upcoming Korean movie that is directed by Shin Chun Soo. The chosen artists for the movie are Lee Seok Joon, Lee Chang Yong-I, Jeong Seong Hwa, Oh Se Jeong, Ryu Jung Han, Sin Seong Rok and many others.

The synopsis of the story revolves on the five men who are struggling to have a perfect life while they are performing for a Korean upcoming musical called “Wonderful Life”. Those five men are socially gathered for the tense first script reading of the musical, “The Story of My Life”. Different characters holds up different characteristics as each artists portray them. Ryu Jung Han is the perfectionist one who has the full concentration from the first day of practice. Lee Seok Joon is the one who delicately challenges Ryu Jung Han and Sin Seong Rok becomes their mood lightener as he saw the happenings.  Lee Chang Yong-I on the other hand is a frozen tight in front of their seniors that look like some God to his point of view and there is Shin Chun Soo who gathered all of them in one place. Within a very tense party, Jung Han and Seong Rok had begun to practice the role of Thomas and Seok Joon and Chang Yong for the role of Alvin. The youngest of them who is Chang Yong had very much appreciated the role and approached his senior Seong Rok to get closer but the latter is not happy to be paired up with him who is a newbie. On the other hand, Seok Joon had gotten some depression as he heard mixed criticisms about his latest performance and he had also runs some trouble with Jung Han about almost everything that started with the product evaluation. This musical that is about the two men and their friendship, will it be able to shine on their respective stage?

The movie is set to be released in Korea on the 9th of June, 2011.