Home » “The Interview” reveals that they used Yoon Mi Rae’s song “Pay Day” with no consent

Sony Pictures Entertainment has recently revealed that they did used Yoon Mi Rae’s song “Pay Day” for the satire film “The Interview” without any consent from neither the singer nor from her agency Feel Ghood Music.

Yoon Mi Rae commented on the issue through her agency Feel Ghood Music last December that, “When the film came out, that’s when we only knew that the track was used. Though we were able to receive an offer from Sony Pictures Entertainment, we did not sign any contact nor were we contacted about the issue.”

Feel Ghood Music has also hired an American attorney months ago to handle the case against Sony Entertainment.

Recently, Sony Pictures Entertainment reveals, “We admit that we have used Yoon Mi Rae’s song ‘Pay Day’ without any formal licensing authorization. We would also want to stress out the point that by using this song in our film does not mean that Feel Ghood Music, Yoon Mi Rae, and Tiger JK had agreed to the content of the film ‘The Interview.’ We have reached an agreement regarding the issue, we resolved it peacefully and we hope that the matter would not be brought up again.”


In the film, the track “Pay Day” by Yoon Mi Rae featuring her husband Tiger JK was used as a background song when the characters portraying President Kim Jong Un and host Dave Skylark drank and partied with some ladies.

Watch the clip where the track was played in the movie below: