Home » T-Ara’s Jiyeon is A Lesbian For Miss Ripley!

Everyone was surprised when T-ara‘s Jiyeon had appeared in MBC’s Miss Ripley this 6th of June. People got to see the singer as a young idol who had a challenging role as Yu who is the daughter of the Japanese Prime Minister. Yu was staying in a hotel on Korea and had caused a main ruckus to everyone when she had slipped away from it.

Actress Lee Da Hae who is the one portraying the role of Jang Miri was sent to find out where is the young lady and fortunately, she found her on a Hallyu Concert (boy group X-5 was there and portray the roles of being a Hallyu stars). During those times, it was revealed that Yu is actually a lesbian and she is mysteriously having an interaction with her female friend. Jang Miri had later on discover this matter and also knew that Yu stow away because his father opposed the said relationship. In persuasion to complete her mission, Jang Miri had told Yu that they are the same stating, “I’m a lesbian, just like you.”

She also tries to have the sympathy of the girl by telling her that father died because of her and so the lady was convinced as she said that she does not want Yu to do the same mistake that she had one. In theend, Yu got back on the hotel and gave her thanks to Jang Miri.
Fans who had wtached this episode had commented,“It was shocking that a high schooler acted as a lesbian” and “Although it was a short appearance, her acting was very good”.