Home » Suzy says, “I don’t have any acting plans for now”

In an interview with Herald news, miss A‘s Suzy revealed, “I don’t have acting plans for now, but I do know that I’d like to act again in the future. I had a lot of fun watching SBS’s ‘City Hunter‘, and would love to try a role with action scenes like Park Min Young’s.”

And when she was asked if she would like to act again for Dream High 2, she said, “Wouldn’t someone else like to? I think I’m going to be making a cameo as ‘grown up Hyemi’.”
Suzy also revealed that she enjoyed watching films like ‘Cat: Two Eyes That See Death’, ‘Quick’, X-Man’, Sunny’, and ‘Transformers 3′. “I don’t only just watch them, but try to think about what the actors must have gone through to shoot such scenes. I am analyzing their acting while watching.”