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On 14th of August, MBC’s ‘Section TV‘ went to meet actress Sung Yuri at a photoshoot.

She said, “One day, Hyun Bin sent me a text to invite me to his movie screening. As soon as his name showed up on my phone, there was such chaos around me. So I said, ‘That’s right. I’m a woman who receives text messages from Hyun Bin!‘.”

As a comment on her streak of good-looking co-stars, she said, “Everyone became a top star after working with me. Because they met me, they became a top star, it was all because of me“. The production team even agreed with this and called it the ‘Sung Yuri Effect’; they also gave her the nickname ‘Female Dok Go Jin’, to which she wittily replied, “Dding Ddong“, causing much laughter around her.

She revealed a behind-the-scenes story about the kiss scenes, saying,  ”When Jung Gyeo Woon awkwardly kissed me, the writer criticized him, saying ‘Why are you so bad at this?’”

She continued, “Ever since then we shot passionate kiss scenes filled with fervor. And because we filmed like that, my fans said that my lips disappeared and didn’t like it at all.”