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Former f(x) member Sulli revealed to be considering new casting offer for a film.

Since the news of her withdrawal from SM Entertainment’s girl group f(x) in order to focus on her acting career, Sulli has been reported to have received a casting offer for a new film.

Her agency, SM Entertainment, confirms the reports that the former f(x) member was able to receive a casting offer for the film, “Rose: My Mother”. SM Entertainment also reveals, “It is one movie among the projects that she is considering. Nothing has been decided yet.”

It is said that the new film “Rose: My Mother”, would be a bit similar to the popular movie “Introduction to Architecture” which stars Miss A’s Suzy.

It has also been reported that if Sulli does accept the offer, she would be playing the role of the lead female character Rose in her twenties. While actress Song Yoon Ah has received the offer to act as the older counterpart of the lead character Rose.

Song Yoon Ah

Sulli has been known for her roles on the films “Fashion King”, “The Pirates” and for “To the Beautiful You”, which is the Korean remake of “Hana Kimi”.

Meanwhile, “Rose: My Mother” would be directed by Jo Suk Hyun, and it would be his first feature film. The new film is expected to start filming later of this year.

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