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“Spy Myung Wol” is a currently airing drama on KBS starring Eric and Han Yeseul. So far, more than half of the episodes have aired. However, the drama has experienced a problem and the production has now been put on hold.

On August 14th, it was revealed that Han Yeseul, who plays the the lead female character Han Myung Wol, did not show up to film the next episode. It was revealed that the production team and Han Yeseul have a conflict. On the morning of the 14th, Han Yeseul did not show up, which placed the crew in a tough situation.

According to representatives, Yeseul and the crew experienced some friction a couple days ago as well. The footage for the day’s shooting included both Eric and Han Yeseul, so the filming was not able to continue.

Officials told Star News, “Han Yeseul took her complaints to the director. She has refused to appear ever since.” Yeseul’s refusal to participate and show up to the filming sites has caused the drama and crew to be put in standby mode.

On August 12th, the filming was scheduled for 6:30 AM, however, Han Yeseul did not show up to the site until 3:00 PM. A producer from the drama stated, “If Han Yeseul continues to not show up, we will not be able to air this week’s episodes.” He continued with, “If she doesn’t show up for the filming, we will only have 40 percent of this week’s episodes complete.”

However, on Han Yeseul’s end, representatives have stated to Newsen that the filming is hard on her body. A representative stated, “Filming is very hard both physically and mentally. Due to her body, she cannot get out and go to work.” They continued with, “She will return when her body is ready.”

What do you think of the situation? Have you been watching “Spy Myung Wol” every week when it airs?


credits: koreaboo