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Recently, there is an uproar in internet sites as photos of actor Song Joong Ki has been suppresing around. The pictures showed the actor attending classes in his college school, Sungkyunkwan University and so this enters and was shared on one online bulletin board. Song Joong Ki is majoring in business administration and it seems that he is adjusting well in making much friends in school. He is just also just like the other typical student as he also sleeps during his classes, maybe because of tiredness from work, you can also see him talking with other students as if he is not an actor at all, and he is a very hardworking student as he attentively listens during his classes.Even though the photos are not one of his usual photo shoots, his typical look and hotness can still attract any girls who he had just passed on.

As ironic at it seems, people know that Song Joong Ki had also acted on the 2011’s best hit drama, Sungkyunkwan Scandal where in he acted with JYJ’s Park Yoochun and even won an award, “Best Couple Award” with another guy of the drama which is Yoo Ah In, marking the bromance of the two.

Netizens who had seen his picture had commented, “I thought that I would have a sunbae like Song Joong Ki at college…” ,”I want to be his classmate! he is so cute!!”, “sleeping joongki? such a cutey!!”, “Can the person behind him pay attention in class?” “I wonder if he ever stop acting once he graduated~ he seems serious with his current major!!”, and “He’s working hard at college too.”On the other hand, Song Joong Ki had just recently hosted the Dream Concert 2011!!