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SISTAR member Dasom reveals her passion for films on a recent interview with Cine21.

In the interview, Dasom also talks about her film debut with the recent movie, “Like a French Film.”

Dasom - Like a French Film

She explains, “Movies have always been my dream. I am very sensitive to beautiful things and I am easily swayed by emotions. Films with their scenes, music, and narrations are an art. This is how I was swept by films and that is when I decided that I wanted to be a movie.”

She adds, “Of course you can’t ‘become a movie,’ so I decided to be in the film business.”

Dasom originally wanted to try acting and was told that she should become a singer first and acting would come later. She reveals, “In the end, if I was not a part of SISTAR, my dreams of becoming an actress would have taken much longer. Without SISTAR I am nothing, and for that I am very grateful.”

She also talks about the stereotype which she faces for being an idol turned actress, “There is a stereotype that idol actresses get roles without much effort. If you want to break that stereotype, you would have to work very hard. I realized that the only thing I could do to prove my sincerity is to work hard at acting.”

Meanwhile, Dasom’s latest film “Like a French Film” was released in Korea on January 14. It is directed by Shin Yeon Shik and also stars “The Walking Dead” actor Steven Yeun.