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The comedian Shin Bongsun had made a shocking appearance as she became the Miss Korea. As she was recently taken the role as a host on “Fashion on Cry,” she was now revealed as the Miss Korea poster girl for a project called “Save Our Style.”

In the photo, Bongsun can be seen in a red dress that curves her figure. There are also the accessories, a tiara, great hairstyle and make up that completely change her used image. She had also dressed up as ballerina, chef, air stewardess, club party planner, soldier, policewoman,and much more to be stated. It is also stated that she gained a lot of fun to the set as she poses with different poses, expressions, and styles.

“Save Our Style” is a new variety program in which she and a guest you will get their “wannabe lives.” In the show, all the guests will be able to share their struggles in life, while at the same time get their ideal lifestyle for a day.