Home » Seven Korean Films Chosen For 2011 International Film Festival

Last Wednesday, the 64th Cannes International Film Festival had just kicked off the night with their grand opening ceremony. The grand opening ceremony is still as great as ever that everyone is still excited and amazed by it. Every year, many artists will be expecting this event and this is just like the past years. Cannes is one of the world’s oldest and largest film festivals and it will continue for eleven days to features 49 films from selected 33 countries. From these 49 films, it is good to know that 7 from it are from the country of Korea.

Director Hong Sang Soo’s “The Day He Arrives”, Kim Ki Duk’s “ARIRANG – Movie” and Na Hon Jin’s “The Yellow Sea”, these three will be screened in the festival for it second most prestigious “UN Certain Regard” Category. And for the Cinefondation section, which will highlights 16 movies out from the more than a thousand sent from different film schools in the whole world, Son Tae Gyum’s “YA- GAN- BI- HANG” or “Flly By Night” are chosen for this. The “Ghost” which is a film under the Korean 24 year old female rookie director will be also going to compete in the Short Films section and hit the big screen of the festival.

There are still two more films that were invited to compete for the festival’s critic’s week award, while the acclaimed Korean directors will be part of the festival’s set of juries. Bong Joon Ho will be for the Camera d’OR Jury for the best first feature and Lee Chang Dong will chair the Critics’ Week Jury alongside with the Polish director Jerzy Skolimowski. For this year’s festival, it is expected that this will be a good way for other people to enjoy the Korean movies and explore their culture. Some had set it to be chance for the Korean movie industry to finally get noticed worldwide. As we all know, Korea are much focusing in getting to know their country around the world that is why this happenings are very good for them and a set start also.