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The 3D movie “Sector 7” had pre-sold to 46 countries even before the date of its release. Distributor of the movie, CJ E&M movie business department said that the movie had been pre sold to 46 countries all over Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The sales had been done in France, Swiss, Belgium, Luxembourg and 10 other countries to ‘TF1’ and in Germany, Austria and 4 other countries to ‘MFA+’. In Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Palestine, Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia and 24 other countries to ‘Shooting Stars’ a local distributor there. The movie was sold on its highest price in both Germany and in the Middle East.

Additional to that, the sales have also occurred in Taiwan, (Serenity), Indonesia and the Philippines (VSG), Singapore and Malaysia (Scorpio East), Vietnam (BHD), Thailand (M Pictures), Turkey (Horizon) and 8 other countries. Kim Seong Eun, the CJ E&M Movie department foreign sales team manager, had stated, “Sector 7” has been acknowledged for its proper use of new media and computer graphics that was used in the movie “Haeundae” and the trust in technical skills in Korean commercial movies has played a big part in the sales that have occurred”.

Director Kim Ji Hoon is the one who is in charge on this movie and the cast includes Ha Ji Won, Ahn Seong Gi, Oh Ji Ho, Song Sae Byeok and many more. These movies shows fighting scenes with those of an unknown creature on a drill ship called the Eclipse that floats in the Sector 7 which is the southern part of the Korean peninsula. This is set to release this coming 4th of August in Korea.