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The Reply 1997 and Reply 1994 series that gained popularity to viewers won numerous awards last October 1 at the “2014 Korean Drama Awards“. The PD that was accountable to the famous series PD Shin Won Ho made sure that he answers the numerous questions from fans for a follow up. He stated:

“To the people anticipating a new ‘Reply’ series, there’s nothing that’s been decided yet. A new drama or another ‘Reply’ series could come out or it could be a new type of drama altogether. I’m leaving open the possibilities as I prepare. A drama can’t just be finished easily. I think there needs to be a lot of consideration and preparation to match the expectation of viewers. I’ll come back with a good project that won’t disappoint.” -translated by allkpop


Reply-1997-Poster-2Reply 1997 was the drama that made Seo In Guk and Apink‘s Eunji to be as popular as they are now. Reply series are also in the process of a remake in the Hollywood.

Which era would you like to be next for the Reply Series? How I wish it’s our era where Kpop is widely known around the world. From 1999 maybe? Like from Shinhwa to Super Junior to EXO era right? ^^