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The Asian superstar, Rain had just given his fans and update regarding his current whereabouts. He posted a picture of himself with actress Shin Se Kyung while they were on the set of their upcoming movie. The star can be seen making peace sign while he is dressed in a suit, and Shin Se Kyung is in the middle of him and the director, bending her knees near chest, giving also a peace sign.

The title of the movie that they are going to do is, “Take Off: Closer to the Sun”. This will be a remake of the 1964 Korean movie, Red Muffler. The movie will tells the story of life, love and comradeship between the fighter pilots despite the risky situation within the Korean peninsula. Rain will portray the role of a fighter pilot and Shin Se Kyung will have the role of a mechanic.

As all of us knew, Rain is already one of the biggest stars in Korea and even throughout Asia. He started in the year 2002 and expanded his career for the field of acting, as he plays some minor role such as in “Sang Doo! Let’s Go to School”, and became a lead character for the succesful drama, Full House with actress Song Hye Kyo. In the year 2008, he then made a debut in Hollywood by the Wachowski Brothers action movie, Speed Racer and eventually get a lead role in martial arts film Ninja Assasin later on.

Shin Se Kyung on the other hand is a popular teen actress who made her debut in 1998. The actress had really hit the stardom when she was casted on the sitcom High Kick 2 that was aired from 2009 – 2010. She is also well known by most people as she is dating the lead vocal of the popular idol group SHINee, Kim Jonghyun. The actress is also taking much appearances in various TV advertisements for different products.