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Previously becoming an internet sensation for being one of the most searched tags on Chinese video sites, “Protect The Boss” continues to receive impressive hits on the video downloading website, Conting.

Conting, which is a legal downloading site formed by the three broadcasting stations KBS, SBS and MBC, revealed that “Protect The Boss” is the most downloaded drama for all time slots amongst the three stations. According to the website, the drama’s fourth episode is currently in first place – making it the most downloaded episode for the week. The fourth episode of “Protect The Boss” features the four main characters in an amusement park as the plot and love line continues. Other episodes from the production were revealed to have ranked fourth, eleventh and twelfth accordingly.

Due to the immense popularity the drama is receiving, “Protect The Boss” is reported to have already gained love calls from overseas broadcasting agencies. Countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines are reported to have already expressed their interest in the drama and broadcasting is already being negotiated.
credits: koreaboo