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In the SBS’s drama, Protect the Boss, the casts, No Eunseol (Choi Kanghee)  coming to inspect an amusement park with director Cha Jihun (Ji Sung) and his work groups due to Mr. Cha (Park Younggyu)’s or “Come up with a plan to make this amusement park fall into the top ranking of Asia.”

During the shooting, Kanghee took pictures with her co workers and staff wearing a cute tiger patterned headband with her tablet PC.She also asked other actors how she should pose. The production crew even stated that she should become a director. The people who were at the amusement park during the shooting commented, “Girlish Kanghee is such a cutie!” and “She is the mood maker!”
Furthermore, when Son Junghyung PD called action for filming to resume, Kanghee instantly picked up the tablet PC and continued filming. Producer Son even praised her acting skills.

The scene where Ji Sung and Kanghee conduct market research at the amusement park will be aired on the third and fourth episode of “Protect The Boss.” It will air on August 10th and August 11th in Korea.


sources: koreaboo