Home » Park Yoohwan talks about his career and JYJ’s Yoochun

The younger brother of JYJ’s Yoochun, Park Yoohwan, just recently took part for the photoshoot of Elle Girl magazine, in which he revealed that he wanted to become like actor Cha Seung Won.

He is also currently in the MBC weekend drama, Shiny Shiny Shining, he plays the role of the charming, but bizarre uncle. In the photoshoot of with the magazine, they change dhim to a chic, rebellious and fierce young man.

Now that the plot of the drama is slowly showing the truth behind his character’s birth, he revealed that he has been rehearsing his acting skills more and more than ever. He said, “I wanted to try the type of acting that really emphasized your display of emotions. I’m finally able to try it, and it’s great.”

And when he was asked about his favorite drama, he chose the greatest love and said, “Dok Go Jin is the best! How can he breathe life into such a character? I want to become an actor like him.”

He was also asked whether he had gone to the wrong path, he replied, “Never. You only suffer when you leave home.”  He also revealed some funny habits of his brother, he stated, “He had this habit of clutching my clothes whenever we slept as children.”