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Love? No one in this world can define those feelings within them. They may be saying how they love or how they care for you, but no one can really know the extent of this feeling. There are some who are just forgetting and some are moving, leaving behind the person they thought they loved for. Just like that, many issues have been involved this so called love. And this is the very much problem of many artists in all entertainment industry. When you are an actress or an actor and you are in love with someone, you would not even know how media can dig up that information from your privacy. Everything about you will be soon released in the public, but there is always a choice whether you will admit it or hide it.

This is what actress Park Ye Jin has been experiencing when she had said that her boyfriend, Park Hee Soon cannot come to the preview of her current movie “Head”. She had spoken on becoming an official coupe with the latter at one interview with the Star News in Seoul last 16th. She had stated, “I didn’t think we had to hide it. Unlike before many people also bless those who openly date” and when she was asked if her boyfriend is coming,  she had just laughed and said that he would not be going while stating, “We have become an official couple but we respect each others’ work and we hope we didn’t ourselves just because we’re dating. We just didn’t want to hide that we were a couple but there is no need to reveal every single detail about us”.

The two, Park Ye Jin and Park Hee Soon had met because of a friend a year ago and they had developed a love for each other last February. Park Ye Jin will be a reporter in her movie “Head” and will show a lot of action. Many people had given positive view about the couple and they are happy for both of them, may they continue their love for each other.