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The cute actress Park Shin Hye had just recently garnered much attention from her fans as she posted up a photo showing her little aegyo. The actress is currently filming the MBC’s upcoming drama, Heartstrings. Park Shin Hye had shown her photo with a long banana, pulling it near and far from her face on two angles. She even give a pure aura of perfection as she show her white skin and large doe eyes. You can even see her pouting on that banana.

In regards to her drama, the actress had stated, “Since the main setting of ‘Heartstrings’ is at a campus, there are more actors around my age than there were in my other products, so I’ve been going to and fro the filming set like I’m actually attending school. Since all the staff on set, including director Pyo Min Soo, as well as my co-actors, are all such kind and warm people, I want to do better too, and I think they like that part in me.”

The story of Heartstrings will show you a young love drama between Jung Yonghwa and Park Shin Hye who are both the lead characters. The drama is set to be aired on 29th of June, just barely three weeks from now!