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Actress Park Min Young recently sat down for a mini interview and shared her experiences about being the lead actress for City Hunter. She started with her Judo scenes together with her co-star Lee Minho, she stated, ”I got trained in Judo for about a month but since there is a significant height difference between me and Lee Minho, there were some risks for injury. But since we shoot Judo scenes very often, Lee Min Ho swiftly falls over when I lift him. He does it well so even though it’s hard, it’s very fun and satisfying when the scenes come out nicely.”

She also shared her role as the Kim Nana, she stated, “Nana is a character who faces the hardship of overcoming her scars and pain in her heart. However, she is very bright and brave; she’s an adventurous woman who confesses to Yoon Sung first thinking that she should always be by his side.”

In regards with the ‘3-step crying scene’, she revealed, “Because I teared up while thinking about my own parents, it was a scene that was very close to my heart. I was very thankful that people named it ‘3-step crying scene’ and was very happy when viewers said that they cried along with me. It also made me think that I should work even harder.”