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Actress Park Min Young expressed her excitement for the new season of MBC’s ‘High Kick 3‘, which is scheduled to air sometime in September. During a recent interview, she said that she would even be open to playing a cameo role if she were given the opportunity.

Park Min Young actually jumpstarted her acting career with ‘High Kick‘, and for that, she and fellow actors Jung Il Woo and Kim Bum are forever grateful to director Kim Byung Wook.

“I’m really looking forward to it, and I plan on watching every episode. I’m even open to play a cameo role on the show if they let me!”
Although a small role on a show like ‘High Kick’ is something she would like to try, she felt quite the opposite about being casted for a leading role in a sitcom. She didn’t feel it was something she could easily pursue, but she did want to maybe undertake a role in a romantic comedy like MBC TV’s ‘The Best Love‘ or SBS TV’s ‘Scent of a Woman‘.

“I watched up until the second episode of ‘Scent of a Woman’, and I really enjoyed it. As a woman, it’s not easy to play a part that requires you to be on TV with nerd glasses and messy hair, but Kim Sun Ah is so talented– she can pull off any character. The scene where she’s at the bank telling the teller how she saved all her money– it kind of reminded me of myself when times were tougher back in the day.”

In a year or so, Park Min Young would like to take up a role in something a little more melodramatic. She’s tried a few different genres, but not something melodramatic and so it’s on her list of things to do.As far as entertainment programs, she has no plans to guest star on any of them just yet. “I’m kind of boring,” she said.

“I can’t act when you tell me to do it on the spot, but when I’m in front of a camera, I get in the zone. When it comes to entertaining people, its exactly the opposite. It’s fun to joke around with my staff members, but when you ask me to do it in front of a camera, I’m awkward. I was on “YaShimManMan” a few years back and everyone on the show seemed to know what they were doing except me.”
She wasn’t too turned off by the idea of appearing on KBS’s ’1 Night 2 Days‘ or MBC’s ’Infinite Challenge‘, however. “It’s a little frightening to think about revealing my true self to the whole world, but because everyone on the show do it so well, I feel like they would do a good job leading me through it. It’s something I would like to try at least once. I especially enjoyed the female actress episode of ‘1N2D’. I don’t know if I can imagine myself actually on the show though, (laughs)”

Park Min Young has been picked up for a new KBS2TV drama titled “Man of Honor” that airs every Wednesday and Thursday starting October 12th.


credits: allkpop