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Actress Park Bo Young apologizes to actor Yeo Jin Goo for talking about him to much.

On the recent interview of Park Bo Young with “Entertainment Relay” for the promotion of her new film “You Call It Passion,” Park Bo Young talks about actor Yeo Jin Goo.

Reporter Park Seul Gi who interviewed the actress reveals, “You have said before that one Yeo Jin Goo grows up, you would like to do a melodrama with him,” and have talked about the instances where Park Bo Young had mentioned the actor before.

Park Bo Young Entertainment Relay

The actress immediately replies, “I did not think it through. I have realized that I have said that on so many occasions. Even Yeo Jin Goo has heard it himself. I even saw reporters ask him about what I said. I think that I have burdened him.”

Park Bo Young then turns to a camera and says, “Jin Goo, Noona[older female] was too senseless. I am sorry. I have taken some time to reflect on myself.”

Actress Park Bo Young has previously revealed on different interviews that she is such a big fan of Yeo Jin Goo and would be like to be on a melodrama with him. She has also confessed that she would search him online and read articles about him. Moreover, she revealed that she was outraged when she saw Yeo Jin Goo’s kiss scene with actress Ha Yeon Soo on the tvN drama “Potato Star 2013QR3.”


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