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Actress Nam Ji Hyun talks about pairing up with Kim In Kwon, who is seventeen years her senior, for the film, “The Map Against The World.”

Nam Ji Hyun reveals, “Many people were surprised to the love story in the movie. Even though there are no love scenes, it must have been surprising for them. In the film, Kwon In Kwon and I are not that far apart in age. We just both acted comfortably.”

She also reveals, “The director told us that we should appear cute on screen. That way, people would be less shocked. Shin Dong Mi also said that we look great together, and doesn’t it appear that way? I think that is what the director was aiming for.”

“Kim In Kwon was nervous during the stage greetings, and he even told people just to judge his film character. I was able to act to my best ability and relax thanks to his efforts to make me feel comfortable. I was able to shot the film without feeling any significant burden,” the actress reveals.

Meanwhile, the upcoming film, “The Map Against The World” tells the story of a man who aims to create his own map. The movie stars Cha Seung Won, Yu Jun Sang, Kim In Kwon, Nam Ji Hyun and Shin Dong Mi. It is set to premiere on September 7.

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