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It seems that accidents in film sites are currently in line, just recently actor Lee Min Ho was involved in a car accident while filming his drama, City Hunter and now another one occured which involves actress Lee Na Young. The actress got in the car accident while filming her movie.

According to the police in charge, at 9:17 pm KST of June 15th, a 51 year old Mr. Jung was driving a Carens and had bumped into the 650 cc BMW motorycle that actress Lee Na Young was using during the filming of the movie. The actress is currently filming for the movie, Howling and it was reported that he have some minor injuries and went home after treating her wounds from a nearby hospital.
While on the road going to the hospital, the actress told the ambulance staff that she does it have any major injuries and explained what she is feeling. According to the police, Jung Mo, who hit with Lee Na Young, stated that he didn’t able to see any sign that there is movie filming that is going on.

Later the police stated, “We believe this accident happened because there were not enough safety measures taken near the filming. After making inquires about Jung Mo’s driving license, we found out that his license was revoked back in 2002.”