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Recently, Actor Lee Min Ho was proven to be a sold out guy. The advertisement for SBS drama, City Hunter with the actor as the lead was officially announced to be sold out. These have been sold out for 420 million won or $420,000USD in each episode. There are a total of 32 advertisements of the 10 minute long episode of the drama. For every 15 seconds ad, the unit price will be 13.2 million won and it then create the 420 million won per episode. After the advertisements until the 6th episode were sold, they calculated that there will be a total of 2.53 billion profits can be reach.

In comparison to other programs, the weekend reruns of the drama re also selling quite well as what an insider said. If it will includes the rerun ads and 20 episodes sold out, there will be an almost 10 billion won total of advertisement sales.

Based from the original that was Japanese, City Hunter had done better for about 10% on the first episode and maintain its percentage until it gains more and more each day. Lee Min Ho was also recorded to be sold out since his drama, Personal Taste. He made a total of 6 billion for the MBC and thus called him the sold out guy.