Home » Lee Minho is A Good Looking Guy for City Hunter!

SBS’s City Hunter Lee Min Ho recently made ruckus as he met an accident on the set of the drama. Since he does not get much injuries, he then resume in filming the drama. But still, his fans are still worried over his health. Regarding this, the staff of the drama decided to post some recent photos of the actor in which it shows the good recovery of the actor.

As you can see from the picture, he is already fully recovered and there is a big smile plastered on his lips.There are even pictures in which he looks like a bird with his lips protruded up. Netizens had wrote, “Min Ho, it’s so great that you’ve recovered. Don’t get hurt again”, “Min Ho, you have so many charms and your facial expressions are so cute”, and “Lee Min Ho has the looks that seem to resemble an anime character”.

The staff of the drama also added, “He has been diving right into action, melodramatic, and comic scenes with 200% of his effort. His personality is also great so the whole staff loves him.”