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Actor Lee Kwang Soo receives praises for his professionalism on upcoming film “Collective Invention.”

On the recent press conference for the upcoming film, “Collective Invention,” actress Park Bo Young reveals her thoughts on Lee Kwang Soo’s professionalism as an actor.

She reveals, “Even if it was a scene where only his hand was showing, Kwang Soo did it by himself. He tried to do everything he can for every scene. It takes four to five hours in order to put special effects on his hand, and he did that every day. He would come to the set five hours earlier than everyone else.”

“Kwang Soo does not complain even if he is tired. He has to get air supply once in a while since he could not see and breathe under the fish head, but he would always say that he is okay. He is very nice,” Park Bo Young also continues.


Kwon Oh Kwang, the director of the film, also complimented the actor and said, “At one point, we had to film in the countryside. It was a scene where his face would not show, however we could have easily filmed the scene with a stand-in or CG. But, Lee Kwang Soo appeared on set. He arrived at midnight in order to film one scene. There were no stand-ins.”

After hearing this, the actor then confesses, “I tend to get really attached to things,” and laughs.


Meanwhile, the upcoming film “Collective Invention” is set to premiere on October 22.


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