Home » Lee Da Hae now goes for a purple wig!

Much to everyone’s surprise, actress Lee Da Hae had once again transformed for her new drama, “Miss Ripley” as she worn a light purpled painted wig. On the first broadcast of the drama on the 30th of May, Lee Da Hae’s character named Jang Miri had showed a variety of personalities as she worn different colored wigs startingfrom the red, yellow and a purple wig, good thing is that any color suited the actress very well.

In the picture, you can clearly saw theactress wearing a purple wig while playing with her pipe. In the drama, her characters will be living as poor person and may experience a lot of difficulties because of her foster parents that are Japanese, andthis is the mainly reason on why she was forced to work at a bar. In this particular scene, the actress was filmed  inside a bar in Fukuoka, Japan as she is also wearing a tight, low cut, sleeveless dress with the purple wig as she need to entertain those drunken men inside that bar.

As you can see through her eyes, she is very sad. The staffs behind this had stated, “Jang Miri, who’s life has hit rock bottom, is miserably struggling while working at a Japanese bar because she wants to keep living. To display Jang Miri’s sadness and despair, Lee Da Hae showed great effort. Please look forward to her acting transformation into Jang Miri.”