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It was recently reported in the start of July that actor Lee Byunghun will be goingto head in U.S. as he prepare to film the “G.I. Joe 2.” Even though it is already filmed that he died in the first movie, he will change his role as a Storm Shadow in the upcoming sequel of the film, “G.I. Joe: Cobra Strikes.”

His management company, BH Entertainment stated that the actor had already left South Korea last Wednesday, and is set to film the movie in New Orleans on 15th of August. They also stated that the actor left early for his body to adjust in the time difference and to better prepare for his role.

The sequel of the movie will be directed by John Chu, also known for his Step Up series. Even Channing Tatum and Ray Park was revealed to change their roles for the sequel. Also, most of the cast was revealed to not make appearance in the movie. Stephen Martines was casted for Cross-Country, Dwayne Johnson as Roadblock, D.J. Cotrona and rapper Rza as Flint and Blind Master, and Adrianne Palicki for Lady Jaye.