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Kim Myungmin signed a contract to be cast in the new movie “Gordian Worm”, which will be directed by Park Jungwoo, the director of movies “Big Bang” and “Dance With the Wind”.
“Gordian Worm” is a parasitic animal which feed on insects and move to damp areas to massively reproduce. It can be likened to the monster in movie “The Host”. “Gordian Worm” is about a man who tries to find solace when his uneventful life is shaken by an unknown fear.
Kim Myungmin has become one of the busiest celebrities by being cast in a new movie right after filming the TV drama “Face Maker” and the movie “Detective K”.
Kim Myungmin was not well known previously, even after starring in the TV series “Beethoven Virus”, “White Tower”, and “Closer To Heaven”. However, after his appearance in “Detective K”, people saw his acting talent and enthusiasm, and various offers began to pour in. Kim Myungmin was careful in choosing what to cast in. Therefore, he decided to act in “Face Maker” and “Gordian Worm”.
“Gordian Worm” plans to start its rehearsals in September.


credits: koreaboo