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Actress Jun Ji Hyun would be making her first ever dual role with her new film “Assassination”.

The film is a story of a sniper played by Jun Ji Hyun who is fighting for Korea’s independence. The film is set in the 1933 Korean colonial period.

It has been revealed that Jun Ji Hyun will play as the sniper Ok Yoon.

On June 9, a representative of the film’s production team had revealed, “While carrying her mission, Ok Yoon would be able to encounter a new target who looks like her. The woman turns out to be her identical twin.”

“Jun Ji Hyun had agonies regarding the identical twin role, but she was very fascinated every time she would check the monitor in the set,” an insider reveals.

For the film, Jun Ji Hyun has reunited with actor Lee Jung Jae playing as a nationalist government agent and the director Choi Dong Woo in the blockbuster film “The Thieves” in 2012. Ha Jung Woo is also playing in the film as a hit man.


While the press conference of “Assassination” on June 10 was cancelled due to the recent spread of MERS, it would be rescheduled on a later date.

The film is set to premiere in July 22.

The trailer of the film has also set a record for having 560,000 views in one day on Naver, surpassing the 280,000 views of “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation”.

Watch the trailer of “Assassination” below!


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