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Actress Jun Ji Hyun reveals that she enjoys scenes involving guns in recent interview and says that guns have become a part of her.

Jun Ji Hyun stars in the upcoming action movie “Assassination” recently sat down for an interview and revealed her thoughts on the movie.

“As I was playing the character of a professional assassin, the gun had to look natural with me. It was very difficult at the beginning of the film. I trained to be able to learn how to shoot a gun and have even brought model guns at home to have a more natural feel around them,” the actress reveals.

Jun Ji Hyun

She continues, “When I first brought the guns home, my husband taught me about them. I thought that what he taught me was everything, however, as I got more and more comfortable with guns, it felt like a extension of my body. Then I started laughing at people who think that they knew something about guns.”

“I really enjoyed shooting as it gave me such a thrill. I enjoyed filming the shooting scenes,” Jun Ji Hyun adds.

Meanwhile, it would also be the first time that Jun Ji Hyun would play a dual role on a film.

The film takes part in 1993 at Gyeongseong and in Shanghai. The film also stars Lee Jung Jae and Ha Jung Woo. It is directed by Choi Dong Hoon who was known for directing the blockbuster film “The Thieves”.

Watch the trailer of “Assassination” below!


The film “Assassination” is set to premiere on July 22.