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As you will be able to come around to multiple websites, many fans are currently creating a buzz with some pictures of their so called “beauty”. Actress Jo Yoon Hee had drew much attention to almost all of the people due to her very cool and sophisticated self appearance.

Jo Yoon Hee had presented herself while wearing cocktail dress for the June issue of the fashion magazine, “Sure”. In the picture, Jo Yoon Hee is wearing a lady like one piece of dress with her on top of her head in a ponytail. Her pouty lips are pointed out with the makeup as she is closer to the look of Audrey Hepbum in the movie called, “My Fair Lady”.

One person who had joined the shoot had stated, “Jo Yoon Hee has the height and she is well proportioned. She was able to pull of the concept with an expression better than a model. She smiles so clearly and brightly”.

Fans who had show the pictures had shared their thoughts regarding this as they commented, “she looks beautiful~”, “like a fairy holding a bouquet of roses”, “she is so white~ I am so envious!”, “I wonder how she can be able to take care her beauty~!”, “woah! She is a real beauty! Look at her! Those eyes, it is so mesmerizing and those lips~ it is so kissable”, “woah~ I never knew this side of her! So beautiful”, “wearing ponytail looks good on her! She needs to style her hair like that very often!” and “I wonder where she had taken her beauty~ even her skin is so flawless~ OMG I am so envious!!”

On the other hand, she is casted as a graceful and sophisticated display designer named Oh Yoon Joo for the SBS mini series called, “Lie To Me”. Tell us whatb do you think about her photo, is she really a “beauty”?