Home » Jo Jung Suk to play as older brother of EXO’s D.O in upcoming film “Hyung”

Actor Jo Jung Suk has been confirmed for the lead role in upcoming film “Hyung” along with EXO’s D.O.

Previously, it has been reported that D.O has received a casting offer for “Hyung”. His agency SM Entertainment has also revealed that D.O is reviewing the casting offer positively.

The movie “Hyung” focuses on two brothers and their journey together. The arrogant swindler older brother would be played by Jo Jung Suk who leaves home and returns after 15 years, while the younger brother who is a talented judo athlete would be played by D.O.

Jo Jung Suk reveals, “It is an actor’s ambition to be part in a great production. This is why I willingly chose this film. It is a human story which everyone could sympathize with, and that is the best point. I am looking forward to it. I would greet you all with a good image, so I ask for a lot of interest.”

D.O also comments on his upcoming role as a judo athlete, “This is a role which I have not played yet, so I have more ambition to do well. I read the scenario in one sitting and I trembled with excitement that I could not sleep. I would not forget that feeling and I would immerse myself in acting.”

Jo Jung Suk is known for his roles on films such as “Architecture 101” and “The Face Reader”, as well as in Korean dramas, “Oh My Ghostess” and “The King 2 Hearts”.

Meanwhile, the filming for the upcoming movie would begin in October and is set to premiere in 2016.

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