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For every woman in the world, the very best gift that they can accept from god is to have a child. From the moment that they were made, up to the moment that they were born, to be healthy and be good will be their mother’s dream. To hear their first cry is a pride of the woman who had took them in for nine months and fed them there. A child is a blessing from God and so we need to accept it from who will they be on the future.

One of the woman who was blessed by the God is actress Jo Eun Sook. Blessed by two kids, she can’t get anymore happier as to have a third one. On 3rd of June, 2011, the acterss gave birth a a very beautiful baby girl that was weighted with 3.17kg at the Seoul Ahsan Hospital on exactly 1:37 PM.

Jo Eun Sook as well as the abby is reported to be both healthy and will be able to have a great life. They had anmed the new baby girl, Hallelujah. In an interview after giving birth, Jo Eun-sook had said, “I thank the third present from the skies. I hope she is bright and healthy”. As we all know, the actress is married to a business man named Park Deok Gyoon sine last November 2005 .