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On 23rd of June, actor Jang Geun Suk arrived in Taiwan. There is an over 300 fans waiting for him in the airport and there are about 20 fans who were dressed up just like from a scene on his “Mary Stayed out All Night,” wearing headpieces to greet the actor. When he was aksed about that cene, he stated that he has always wanted to take this chance and express his thank to the fans as it feels like they really have a big love to the actor to even act like this.

He was also asked on what he would do if a girl seriously proposed to him, he stated, “I would decline, and then propose to her myself, because I think girls should receive more love from the guys.” He then also added that he does not want to be married at late age as he wants to be justa friends with bhis future children; ideally, he stated that he wanst to get married before he turns 30.

Also, he jokingly said that the challenge he wants to have the most is love, but later on changed and said that he is currently focus with his career. When he was asked about his impression with the Taiwanese girls, he shared that they are cute, have unique personalities, and really know how to dress up.He also revealed that he is currently studying Mandarin and will be preparing for a Mandarin album, he shared that one of his friend suggested to him that he need to have a girlfriend who speaks the language so that he can learn faster.