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As many are very much excited about this, finally actor Jae Hee will be making his return by means of MBC Drama called “Hooray for Love” after 3 years of absence in the Korean music industry. After he had discharged in the army last June 2010, he has already chosen for “Hooray For Love” even though there is a numerous amount of offers for him. This drama will be tackling about a divorced woman in her 20s and her successful love story. The name of the female role is Kang Jae Mi that will be played by the role of Lee Bo Yeong.

Byeon Dong Woo will be played by Jae Hee wherein he has a decent appearance as with a steady financial status and job with manners and is the perfect guy on the outside. However, he will be just a lawyer on the outside, is a philanthropy womanizer who believes that “women are prettier than flowers”. In the story, he will somehow get in touched with Kang Jae Mi and will get a deal with her divorce invalidity lawsuit, joining in her very much confident success. He will get through the many problems with her and then become a steady supporter. Regarding this, he had revealed, “It’s my first project after the army and I was pressured, but the character lacking a little something and being cute at the same time pulled at my heart. I feel excited thinking I can display a different character inside of me and as much it’s something I’m doing after a long time, I will do my best”.

On the other hand, “Hooray for Love” is made by the producer Joo Seong Woo and writer Park Hyeon Joo. This drama will be coming this July after the current MBC drama, “Can You Hear My Heart”