Home » INFINITE H just released their mini album ‘Fly Again’!

The long wait is over . The hip hop INFINITE sub-unit, INFINITE H, with charismatic rappers Dongwoo and Hoya are back .


The boys have just released their new mini-album ‘Fly Again,’ along with their music video for the song entitled  “Pretty”. In the music video, these two are lawyers who are trying to influence the girl of their dreams to choose them. Let’s find out whom she chooses in the MV.

Other songs that were included on the album: track list goes: Fly Again (Feat. DJ IT), Aren’t You Going Somewhere? (Feat. Yang Da Il), Bump (Feat. Lovelyz’ Ryu Soo Jung), Sorry, I’m Busy (Feat. Swings, Champagne & Candle’s Champagne), Jekyll & Hyde (Feat. Taewan), and As Long as You’re Not Crazy (Feat. Phantom’s Sanchez)