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Actress Ha Ji Won talks about what she does in order to calm herself down when filming.

On the recent broadcast of “Cultwo Show,” the DJs of the show asked her “Risking Life for Love” co-star, Chun Jung Myung, as to her secret when it comes to acting.

They asked him, “What kind of an actress was Ha Ji Won since it is your first time to work with her?”

Chun Jung Myung replied, “She has a strength which rouses up the set. Even amongst the staff members, the atmosphere on set changes whenever she comes over. She looks delicate, but she contains a force and charisma that I would like to emulate.”

After hearing her co-star’s thoughts about her, Ha Ji Won then stated, “To be honest, whenever I am on set, I am simply eating chips to calm my nerves.”

Chun Jung Myung then said, “The chips that she eats are always where they should be.”

“The chips give me energy,” the actress explained while laughing.

The DJs then concluded, “The secret behind her acting was the chips.”

The upcoming film, “Risking Life for Love” which stars Ha Ji Won, Chun Jung Myung, Chen Bolin, Yoon So Hee and Oh Jung Se is set to premiere on December 14.

Meanwhile, Ha Ji Won is known for her roles in the films, “Phone,” “Sex is Zero,” “Sex is Zero 2” and “Sector 7.”

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