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With his smiles and charms, who would not fall in love all over again with this guy? Actor Gong Yoo had shaken ever woman’s heart as he shows his full teeth smile to everyone. Since he is an active model for a desert café called “Mango Six”, Gong Yoo looked very sweet and manly in the photo shoot for the recent collection of the said café.

In that collection, Gong Yoo was eating and drinking fresh mango juice and ice cream while smiling sweetly. On all of the picture, he looks very natural and very modern together with the Mango. Gong Yoo had enjoyed tasting and eating the mango juice, gelato yogurts and other menus that were prepared as props in the set during break time. By means of this advertisement, he is expected to have a comfortable and warm brand image for the “Mango Six” customers as he will be attracting more people to try and go to the café.

On the other hand, Gong Yoo had completed the shooting for his movie “The Crucible” that was based on Gong Ji Young’s best seller and he is currently looking for another project to be done.

Meanwhile, all of his fans who had seen this collection were all fascinated and feel in love once again with their idol. He looks very young and manly in the pictures as the fans are all happy to see this side of him once again.