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Everyone are seems very happy and excited for the awaited wedding of Eugene and Ki Taeyoung, and this excitement had grew larger when a picture of the couple while on a date had surfaced on the internet.On the 2nd of June, a netizen had posted up photos that he had personally took of the two from an online community.The photo clearly shows that both Eugene and Ki Taeyoung are at the Children’s Grand Park and it seems that the couple are having much time together as they pose affectionately.

The netizen who uploaded the photo had putt a caption that reads, “Eugene and Ki Taeyoung, hanging out together at the Children’s Grand Park. Congratulations. Be happy.” On the other hand, fans who had seen the photo had commented,“They look happy,” “so cute together~ Eugene is so happy in the photo! and it seems that she is hugging Ki Taeyoung!!”, “ahh~ I am excited to the wedding!! wae??!!”, “they are a great couple! so cool! having a date in Children’s Grand Park!” and “They look good together.”

As we had announced in the past, the couple will be going to get married in July at a church that is located in Indeogwon and it is stated to be a closed event wherein, only relatives and some close friends can attend and are invited. We, in korean movies are truly happy for the couple! Best wishes and congratulations!!~