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A staff of upcoming film “Dorihwaga”, also known as “The Sound of a Flower”, defends miss A’s Suzy after being criticized for failing to explain the synopsis of the film in recent interview.

On October 31, Suzy, along with the rest of the film’s cast had an interview regarding their latest film. When the miss A member was asked to summarize the film, Suzy goes to say, “The movie is set in a time when only the women could perform ‘pansori’… in 1867…” She was then corrected by stating that it was set in an era where it could only be performed by men instead.

Suzy 2The interview also highlighted another instance where she was asked to describe the film through its title, she was then helped by fellow cast member Ryu Seung Ryong.

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In light of the criticisms, a staff member of the film defends Suzy by saying, “As someone who has worked on the production of this film, I know that Suzy worked the hardest out of everyone in the set. She acted responsibly and cheerfully to a point where all the staff members liked her. Do not jump into conclusions without knowing anything other than what you have presented with.”

Meanwhile, ‘Pansori’ is a Korean genre of musical storytelling. Suzy would be playing a young girl who wishes to perform it despite not being allowed to do so.

The film “Dorihwaga” is set to premiere on November 25.


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