Home » Couple Lee Jung Jae and Lim Sae Ryeong reported to be enjoying their “love nest”


From Big Bang‘s T.O.P’s home.,  couple, Lee Jung Jae and chaebol business woman Lim Sae Ryeong of Daesang Group, have been seemingly enjoying their dates.

From a resident of the UN Village in Hannamdong, Seoul, it was told Maeil Kyungje Star Today on the 8th, “I’ve seen Lee Jung Jae and Lim Sae Ryeong enter the P Villa, where Big Bang‘s T.O.P lives, multiple times… The photos from Dispatch‘s report on that day were also of that house.”

From Dispatch previous reports, the couple always come to visit  Lee Jung Jae’s hoobae‘s house, which is now  known  to be T.O.P’s residence. Last December  of 2010, T.O.P became the owner of one of the 4 bedroom villas at the P Villa complex for 3 billion KRW (~2.7 million USD).

Being close friends , Lee Jung Jae has always been telling that  T.O.P as a close friend and hoobae of his, he always find time of visiting the idol at his residence together with his girlfriend Lim Sae Reyong. Thus , it was being described that it’s their secret place and love nest of the couple.

Responding from the so-called ‘love nest’, a rep from YG Entertainment commented, “T.O.P is known to be a homebody who doesn’t leave his home when he doesn’t have official schedules… That is why close celebrities including Big Bang visit his house if they want to see him… Everyone already knows that T.O.P and Lee Jung Jae are close… Like other fellow celebrities, Lee Jung Jae visited the residence with people he knows to see T.O.P. So calling T.O.P’s home weird names like ‘love nest’ and ‘love room’ has left T.O.P very frustrated… His residence is also undergoing construction at the moment, so we ask that his home be not portrayed in a weird and malicious light.”