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The latest new monday and tuesday drama, Miss Ripley, that was just recently premiered on the 30th of May has already creating a lot of talks among the people. After the drama received good reviews from the critics and gained the highest ratings among its timeslot, the netizens had commented on how JYJ’s Park Yoochun and his character looks alike and their even made a parody of the story where in the fans had gotten from the previous dramas of the casts.

In the scene where in Kang Hyejung’s character, Moon Heejo, meets Yoochun’s character, Song Yoohyun for the very first time, Heejo had accidentally spills a cleaning solution on Yoohyun’s shirt. The latter is quick in apologizing as Yoohyun had buttons up his suitjacket so that it will cover up the stains. The netizens had pointed out that there is a similarity between this scene and the CF where in Yoochun had recently appeared in.

On the other scene in which Yoohyun is carrying a small girl in the aiport, Netizens had commented that it is similar to Yoochun’s gentle public image as well as the recent news of him in having a fatherly side in him. There is also a great similarity on Yoochun’s and his character fashion styles as it seemed that Yoohyun adapted Yoochun’s airport fashion.

With the fun of the drama, netizens had also made a parody video that was titled, “Joseon Dynasty’s Miss Ripley” that contains different clips from Lee Da Hae’s Chuno and Yoochun’s Sungkyunkwan Scandal in which shows the fiction version of the new drama. The video shows the falling in love with each other and revealing Lee Da Hae’s secret. Her secret is that she is a slave and is using a false name. This parody is well received and there are even some who hoped that the producers of the drama will be able to see it.

“Miss Ripley” will tells the story of Jang Miri(Lee Dahae), who escapes from Japan and had forged her diploma to went in Seoul.