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The action drama “City Hunter” had finally ended its twenty-episode run last July 28th, with somewhat meaningful ending that led to different spectations.  While many believed the show had a bittersweet ending, others believed that Lee Minho‘s character, Lee Yoonsung, had died, and his appearances in the final five minutes were simply ghosts or imagined by the other characters.

On the phone with TV Report, “City Hunter”‘s PD, Jin Hyuk, said that Yoonsung “did not die” and that the “ghost” (Lee Minho) found this funny. “The ending is somewhat ambiguous, however we did not intend that at all, the meaning behind Yoonsung driving into the city showed the City Hunter’s strong will against injustice,” he said, explaining the drama’s final scene.

When asked if he was considering a second season, Jin Hyuk replied, “No, it’s only possible if Lee Minho would be willing to.”