Home » Childhood Photos of Shin Se Kyung were Revealed!

Everyone is garnering much attention when the childhood photos of actress Shin Se Kyung have surfaced all over. On 19th of June, MBC’s Section TV Entertainment News had met up with actress Shin Se Kyung in the site of a CF filming that she was currently doing for. They make a new style as they interview the actress with a doctor concept. Additional to that, Shin Se Kyung fumbled out some words as she showed his little awkward and cute image to everyone.

Regarding to her advertisement, she stated, “I think I’m acting too pretty,” as she admits her bashfulness with the situation. Also during the interview, they showed the childhood photos of the actress and revealed that even such a young age she still has a sharp and clear face. Shin Se Kyung then stated,  “I think everyone’s pretty when they’re young… Because I was so young then, I think it’s too much to say that I was a beauty then.”