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Actor Cha Soon Bae praises co-actor Yoo Ah In as an acting genius on their recent film “The Throne,” also known as “Sado.”

On the recent broadcast of “Radio Star,” Cha Soon Bae shares a story of Yoo Ah In spilling real blood on the filming set by accidentally hitting his head on a rock.

He reveals, “Yoo Ah In is a hardworking genius. There was a scene in the film where he was striking his head. We put a sponge on the floor, so it would look like he is butting his head on the rock, however he accidentally hit his head on the rock and spilled out blood.”

yoo-ah-in-sadoCha Soon Bae continues, “Most actors would have stopped acting, however he just kept on going despite the injury. The blood that you see in the film is really his. After I saw it, I thought, ‘He is one scary kid’.” Cha Soon BaeMC Kim Gu Ra then asks, “Did he stitch his wound?” Cha Soon Bae then responds, “We quickly treated him in order to stop the blood flow and continued to film.”

Yoo Ah In is also known for his roles on dramas such as “Six Flying Dragons,” “Fashion King,” and “Sunghyunkwan Scandal.”

The film “The Throne” was released in September 16, it stars, Yoo Ah In, Song Kang Ho, Kim Hae Sook, Park Won Sang, Moon Geun Young, and Cha Soon Bae.

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