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On the 17th of August’s episode of SBS drama series “Protect the Boss”, secretary No Eunsul, played by Choi Ganghee, and vice president Cha Muwon, played by Kim Jaejoong, went on a date in Seoul Daehagro. During the filming, the two danced to a song by Koguryo Band “A Time Limited Life.”

It is said to be that PD Son Junghyun took personally took time to select this song for them. Thanks to him, not only did Ganghee and Jaejoong enjoy dancing and clapping to the beat, but the other cast members and even the by-passers in the street enjoyed the music as well.

In the upcoming episode of “Protect the Boss,” Jaejoong and Ganghee walk past a shop selling sunglasses and stop by to try some on. When Jaejoong tries on a pair of sunglasses shaped like a cake that says, “Happy Birthday,” Ganghee puts on a heart-shaped one and brightly says, “Happy Birthday, Vice President!”

One of the camera crew said, “The two pulled off a really good scene earlier during the filming of their date in an amusement park, and they did just as well this time, fully enjoying each other’s company as if they were on an actual date.”