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One of the main actors who led the Korean Wave towards Japan and the rest of Asia, Korean actor Bae Yongjoon, is confirmed to appear in a new project, his first in four years.

According to new reports today, Bae Yongjoon is said to be going over his new project. The last drama he appeared in was in “The Legend” four years ago and it was followed by a short role in the drama “Dream High” earlier this year.

It was confirmed that there were a lot of things lined up and ready for him, but at the moment he seems to be keen at a particular project. According to news reports, “This drama was planned 3~4 years ago but requiring a top star and overseas shooting at the same time, it wasn’t easy to get on the starting line.”

Now the topic of whether Bae Yongjoon will step in for the role is starting to become of interest. It is rumored that while Jung Woosung and Hwang Jeongmin have already confirmed their place for this drama, fans heavily speculate if Bae Yongjoon will consider the role.
Are you ready for another drama from Bae Yongjoon? What do you think of the recent speculations?